Five storytellers gathered for our April 27rd CinDay meeting in Dayton.  We shared food, stories and ideas for promoting storytelling. There was a review of the recent “Returning: Stories of Re-arrival” program that was presented by tellers from Greater Love Christian Church (our Dayton area meeting host) in late March. […]

April 2017

It was a group of 5 congenial storytellers who showed up for our March CinDay meeting.  Cincinnati, Dayton, and Brazil were represented. The dinner discussion centered on ways to learn a story – not just getting the words right, but understanding and embodying the story.  Some of our techniques included: […]

March 2017

There were 6 in attendance for the CinDay Guild February meeting. We were especially glad to have one of our out-of-town (I mean, REALLY out of town – like from Brazil!) members there.  We got to hear about how they use storytelling in their missionary work at the mouth of […]

February 2017