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Tongues of Truth Returns

Gye Miller with true TOT member

Gye Miller with true TOT member

2 tellers of GCCC“Tongues of Truth” is the storytelling ministry of Greater Love Christian Church in Dayton, Ohio. The group has a ten-year history under the leadership of Gye Miller. It has taken a rest in recent times, but in this resurrection season is being revived with spiritual energy as an intergenerational blessing to church and community.

Building on the theme of return, Tongues of Truth plans a Fall 2016 biblical storytelling event called “Returning: 20 Stories of Re-Arrival.” It’s an ambitious program of powerful stories, some told by multiple tellers. They are definitely up for it, as some of us recently learned when CinDay (the Cincinnati-Dayton Guild of the Network of Biblical Storytellers) met at GLCC in late April.

GCLCC_050116_standing-tellersAfter getting to know one another’s groups over an exceptional potluck, we all rehearsed stories for upcoming tellings. We also practiced coaching each other (the gentle style taught by Doug Lipman in The Storytelling Coach). This gave us confidence and suggestions. The TOT members had only recently picked their stories, so were at an early stage of storylearning. Nevertheless, their tellings were wonderful to experience and we look forward to attending the Fall program.
For a preview of TOT’s “Returning” program, click here
GCLCC tellers 05-01-16