Network of Biblical Storytellers

The core activity of the Network is telling the sacred stories of the biblical tradition in post-literate, digital culture. This practice is rooted in a communal process of internalization through scholarly inquiry and prayer.The membership of NBS is laity and clergy, educators and learners, professional storytellers and inexperienced amateurs — all of us with a deep love of the biblical stories and a curiosity about how they may be told.


GoTell Communications equips people to discover and tell biblical stories by heart as a spiritual discipline for embodying Jesus’ way of peace in the world.

GoTell Communications is for everyone who is seeking the way to peace in the world and to health for the planet. We provide resources and consultation for those who wish to learn by heart the stories of God as they have been passed down to us from ancient Israel and early Christianity. Our hope in teaching the stories of Jesus is to convert the hearts of humans from violence to Jesus’ way.

Tom Boomershine

Tom’s conviction is that the purpose of Jesus of Nazareth, the Bible, and the Church is to be a means of peace and of saving the world from its romance with violence, guns and warfare. All of the resources that are present on his site can help to build an interpretation of the Gospels, the New Testament, and the Christian tradition as a religion that can deliver the human race from belief in the myth of redemptive violence.

Circle of the Word

The purpose of this site is to resource people who want to develop a biblical storytelling ministry with people doing time in jail or prison. The goal is spiritual empowerment and the strategy is a process called Circle of the Word.

Messiah of Peace

The Messiah of Peace: A Performance-Criticism Commentary on Mark’s Passion-Resurrection Narrative by Dr. Thomas E. Boomershine is one of the first detailed commentaries to use the emerging interpretive paradigm of performance criticism. It is accompanied by video recordings of live tellings in both English and Greek, which are available on this site.

Biblical Performance Criticism

Biblical Performance Criticism: Orality, Memory, Translation, Rhetoric, Discourse is a website devoted to Bilical Performance Criticism, which the bedrock for any serious biblical storyteller, as well as biblical scholars who’s work includes biblical storytelling and the original medium of the Bible. Biblical Performance Criticism’s stated goals are…

– To promote Performance Criticism
– To report developments in this emerging discipline
– To be a clearinghouse for resources
– To provide a network for people.