Developing Theme Interpretation

2006 NBS Festival Gathering workshop presented by Alan Baker, Scottsdale, AZ

Many times storytellers are asked to just “put something together.”
Here are some questions you  can use to develop a creative, smooth flowing program for worship services, schools, businesses, special social/holiday gatherings.

Ask the requestor:

Is there already a theme?

Who is the audience? (background, age, etc.)

How much time do we have? Then honor that commitment!!

Are we a part of the program?
–Where will we fit in?
–Desired mediums? (storytelling, drama, music, etc.)

Are we the whole program?

What are the mediums desired? (music, drama, storytelling, etc.)

What support systems are available?
–Sound system (CD, DVD, microphones)
–Projector for multimedia
–Keyboard/piano, etc.

Can we see the working space?
–Stage, performing area, entrances and exits, dressing rooms…

When can we rehearse in the space?

“What do you want them to leave with?”
–Get it in one sentence, to help narrow the focus
–Ask for an example

Is there anything else you think we need to know?