Tips for Telling to Children

Tips for Telling to Children from our August 23, 2007 CinDay Gathering

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

  • Review the VBS materials early, to see what story and props are needed. You may save someone from finding/buying weird things that you won’t be using.
  • Borrow VBS props from other churches doing the same program.
  • Get the children involved in the story by having them be the characters; adult assistants can ‘guide’ the children through the movements and actions. Picking the trouble makers to take the most active partsĀ  to keep them busy and occupied.
  • Set the stage for your VBS story by using a room with a close-able door. Have a ‘gate keeper’ greet the children outside the closed door, setup the story, and assign the children parts.
  • After telling the story, have someone debrief the children: who was in the story, what did they do, what’s the summary point, review/learn the memory phase.
  • Tie the story into something the kids already know (i.e., StoryKeepers or Veggie Tales videos, etc.)
  • Tell the story, then teach the children the story; divide them into workable groups and get other adults to assist each group; go over the story in various media (art, blocks, acting, etc.)

Children’s Moments during Worship:

  • Tell a Bible story, rather than talking about some general concept (no matter how worthy the concept).
  • On picking a story: stories with action are good, or stories the children may be familar with.
  • Suggested stories: Calming the Sea, Jesus Walks on Water, Jesus heals the Blindman with spit & mud (kids love spit & mud), Jesus blesses the children, Elijah and the Still Small Voice (take the kids on that 40 day march, up&down the church aisle)
  • involve the congregation in the Children’s Message, too. Ask them questions, have them give responses, etc.