Well, you never know what’s going to happen at a CinDay meeting.  Because of a variety of conflicts, there were only 2 of us at the January meeting, but, boy, was it a great meeting! This was our first time as guests of Clifton UMC, in Cincinnati. (We’ll be back at […]

January 2017

Well, we ended our year of meetings on a high note last week, with 8 people attending, including 1 old friend whose responsibilities have changed, allowing her to get back to storytelling, and a new friend who found CinDay by contacting the NBSI office, looking for biblical storytellers in her […]

October 2016

There were 4 of us at Mt Moriah UMC, for the September CinDay Guild meeting.  Mt Moriah UMC is the home church to a group of tellers who tell scripture in worship. We talked about our recent storytellings and the projects we’re working on for the near future, shared tips […]

September 2016