Our second CinDay meeting of 2018 was at our Dayton location.  Thanks to Greater Love Christian Church for allowing us to meet there. There were 4 of us there, a small but interesting collection of people.  The conversation roamed from upcoming Lenten tellings, to Marvel Comics movies (can the positive […]

March 2018

And we’re back…fresh from our Christmas break, and ready to tell and talk about the stories of the Bible.  There were 6 of us at the CinDay February meeting last week.  We had plenty of food and conversation, with people from Dayton, Cincinnati and Brazil. We talked about the stories we […]

February 2018

There were 5 of us at last night’s CinDay meeting in Dayton. We caught up on what members have been doing, got a review of the recent Canadian Festival Gathering in Thorold, Ontario, and had a great conversation about the politics and treachery in the story about paying taxes to […]

October 2017