October 2017

There were 5 of us at last night’s CinDay meeting in Dayton.

We caught up on what members have been doing, got a review of the recent Canadian Festival Gathering in Thorold, Ontario, and had a great conversation about the politics and treachery in the story about paying taxes to Caesar (Matthew 22:15-22).  Did you know this story is related to the religious philosophy of the Maccabees? (Don’t have the First and Second Book of the Maccabees in your Bible?  You’ll just have to go find a good Catholic Bible.)

We’re also starting to work on the publicity for the 2018 Festival Gathering which will be in Dayton, Ohio!   You can help by sending us any contact information you have for any church, denomination or storytelling organizations that might be interested.  Send it to me at cindaynbs@gmail.com.

And you can get more information about the 2018 NBSI Festival Gathering Dayton, Ohio (including registration) on the NBSI website.

This was our last meeting for 2017.  Like most Biblical storytellers, our members tend to get a little busy around Advent and Christmas.  But we’ll have our 2018 meeting schedule posted soon, and if you have any storytelling events for the Christmas season, let us know and we’ll help you publicize them.

So remember…

what we have heard and know for ourselves, and what our ancestors have told us, must not be withheld from their descendents, but be handed on by us to the next generation.

that is: the titles of THE LORD, his power and the miracles he has done.

(Psalm 78: 3-5)