September 2017

Five of us met for the September CinDay meeting.  We caught up on who’s been telling what (first half of the Gospel of Mark, with commentary; Laborers of the field from Matthew; Peter walks on water, among others).  And talked about using a “Treasure Box” for storytelling – a box of trinkets that one of our international tellers uses – pick an object and tell the related story.

Then we devoted time to this month’s “Story Challenge”, Matthew 21:23-32 (“By What Authority?”).  Heard it told by 4 different tellers, and had a good conversation about the context, characters and the emotions and attitude of the various characters.

Next month, October, will be our final meeting for 2017.  (We traditionally take the months of November and December off, to devote time to the Christmas story.)  We’ll be meeting in our Dayton location, and you have a choice for the October Story Challenge: either Matthew 22:15-22 (the question of paying taxes), or Exodus 33:12-23 (Moses meets God in the cleft of the rock).

Til then…keep telling The Story.