August 2017

There were 4 of us for the August CinDay meeting in Dayton this month, but the discussions were lively.  One of us was preparing the Raising of Lazarus (John 11:1-44) as part of a Sunday morning sermon.  The twist was that the Lazarus story was being used as part of a conversation about the pros and cons of medically assisted aid to dying.  (We came to no firm conclusions.)  Other stories the group has been working on are Mark 1 and the Prologue to John.

We’ve started a new feature at our meetings: the Story Challenge.  Each month, we’ll encourage members to learn a particular story, to be told at the next meeting.  Several people will tell the same story and talk about why they told the story their particular way.

For our September meeting, the Story Challenge is Matthew 21:23-32 (“By What Authority?”)

And, have you heard?  The 2018 Festival Gathering of the Network of Biblical Storytellers will be in Dayton, Ohio.  Publicity planning starts soon.  We want to make the sure the whole tri-state area knows the Storytellers are in town!  You can get information on the 2018 Gathering here.

Next month, we’ll be meeting in Cincinnati.  Hope you can join us.