April 2017

Five storytellers gathered for our April 27rd CinDay meeting in Dayton.  We shared food, stories and ideas for promoting storytelling.

There was a review of the recent “Returning: Stories of Re-arrival” program that was presented by tellers from Greater Love Christian Church (our Dayton area meeting host) in late March.  (It was fabulous!)  And we talked about who’s been telling what recent, did a little coaching for someone who was about to tell, and some brainstorming for how to get more storytelling into our churches/denominations.

In a more “scholarly” discussion, we got a preview of a future NBS Scholarly Musings article, about where the term “text” came from.  (Hint: it’s not related to written words, but to “textile”, as in “weaving”.  (NBS Scholarly Musings is a benefit of NBSI membership.  Check the NBS website for more details.)