May 2017

Three of us met last week at Clifton UMC in Cincinnati.

Lots of catching up with each other, and some brainstorming about a possible event sometime later in the year at Clifton, our Cincinnati host church.  Clifton has a strong arts program, and we’re batting around the idea of a combined program, with storytelling among other artistic endeavors.  We’ll get you more information as plans firm up.

Also spent some time on story coaching.  One of us was preparing to tell John 17:1-11. The problem is, it includes some very rambling, repetitious phrases (see verses 6-9).  Hard to get a handle on it, and keep the words straight, but a symptom of the stress of the situation.  The solution was, in part, more practice, but also, to get a handle on the emotions/concerns of Jesus as he spoke.  (Do you ever imagine Jesus as stressed out?  Or do you see Jesus as the calm savior above the fray?)