March 2017

It was a group of 5 congenial storytellers who showed up for our March CinDay meeting.  Cincinnati, Dayton, and Brazil were represented.

The dinner discussion centered on ways to learn a story – not just getting the words right, but understanding and embodying the story.  Some of our techniques included:

  • visualizing the event – what’s the setting, what do you see around you
  • looking for verbal threads in the story – repeated words or phrases
  • breaking the story into episodes – back-to-back repeated phrases or ideas can be a clue to identify episode breaks
  • identifying the various emotions or conflicts in the story.

There was talk about doing a storytelling event at our new host church, Clifton UMC later in the summer.  Details will be to be developed; theme suggestions are welcome.

Note: it’s not too early to make plans to attend the 2017 NBSI Festival Gathering.  You’ll find information and registration here.