February 2017

There were 6 in attendance for the CinDay Guild February meeting.

We were especially glad to have one of our out-of-town (I mean, REALLY out of town – like from Brazil!) members there.  We got to hear about how they use storytelling in their missionary work at the mouth of the Amazon River, and to see a couple of “story towels” – tea towel sized cloths with a single “story scene” drawing for each of up to 24 Bible stories – that they use to tell and teach stories. The towels are relatively inexpensive to produce, which means our friends can give the towels away to others who can then also share the stories, and the towels, too, without a great financial or social obligation.  (We learned a little about Brazilian culture, too.)

There was also a conversation about proactive women in the Bible.  One of our group is interested in writing a book on that topic, and was looking for suggestions of which women should be included.  We came up with quite a few, including some lesser known women like the nurse who hid Jonathan’s son (2 Samuel 4:4).

Speaking of books, another CinDay member has a book about to be published,  based on her experiences using biblical storytelling to work with women temporarily incarcerated at a local jail.  We’ll have more news on that later.


And, don’t forget, it’s not too early to register for the 2017 NBSI Festival Gathering, which will be held at the 4-H Center near Washington, DC, in early August.  You can get more info about the 2017 Festival Gathering on the NBSI website.

(Psst.  Stay tuned for information about CinDay Guild’s involvement in the 2018 Festival Gathering.)


Programming Note: the storytelling program, Return, by Tongues of Truth, the biblical storytellers from Greater Love Christian Church, has had a date change.  It is now scheduled for:
March 26, 2017, 6pm.
Greater Love Christian Church
2345 Lakeview Ave
Dayton OH 45417
And you can always get information on CinDay Guild meetings and events by following our calendar on Google.