September 2015

Seven of us attended last week’s CinDay meeting in Cincinnati.
A good showing for what has been kind of a rough summer – because of people’s busy schedules, we did not meeting in July or August.

So we spent some time catching up on what people have been up to:
Tom is considering another book, on Scripture By Heart groups in local congregations. Sylvia’s church had an Arts expo, that included biblical storytelling. Missy is starting the UMC Lay Ministry Academy. Various people are telling at their local churches. And several of us went to the Festival Gathering.

We also talked about “Twelve Stories Every Biblical Storyteller Should Know”.
Actually, we came up with 24: twelve from the Hebrew Scriptures, and twelve from the Christian Scripture… (I’m not going to tell you what we came up with, because I think the conversation is going to continue)…and played with the idea of a “story matrix” – to encourage storyteller to learn a variety of stories:
imagine genre (Prophetic) down the side and story topics (Creation) across the top.
Now find and learn a story in the Prophets that describes Resurrection. (Ezekiel in the Valley of Dry Bones?) This needs work but the ideas were flying.

And all those “flying ideas” reminded us why we really come to these meetings: to learn and tell the stories of the Bible. So, we expect future CinDay meetings to put a greater emphasis on workshops and coaching. (Stay tuned.)

On the business side:

Treasurer’s Report:
current balance: $126.68 – after paying our CinDay website domain name fee.

Our remaining Guild balance is not enough to cover our annual Website Hosting fee, which will be due in November. So we’re considering either asking members of CinDay to make a donation to the Treasury, or changing/moving the website to a more economical place. There will be for information on this at our October meeting.

CinDay Calendar:

October 29 – Guild meeting at Forest Chapel UMC, 680 W Sharon Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45240 (notice that this meeting will be on the 5th Thursday, instead of our usual 4th Thursday of the month.)

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