October 2016

Well, we ended our year of meetings on a high note last week, with 8 people attending, including 1 old friend whose responsibilities have changed, allowing her to get back to storytelling, and a new friend who found CinDay by contacting the NBSI office, looking for biblical storytellers in her area.

We checked in with stories we’ve told recently, and where (church, county jail, etc.) and, just for fun, Tom taught us the Parable of the Soils, connecting it to how we, as storytellers, should consider the kinds of “soil” WE are as we tell, and our Listeners are, as they listen.

Since this was the last CinDay meeting before we take our annual holiday break, we also reported our treasury balance ($12.69), possible sources of income in 2017 (donations, Guild performance programs with freewill offerings), and possible future telling programs (Parables of Jesus).

And, even though we’ll be off for a while, watch for updates as we plan our 2017 meeting dates and locations.

And, as always, you can share your questions and storytelling experiences by contacting me; see the “Cincinnati Contact” on the Contacts page on this website.