2015 News

Ah, it was a small (3 people) but enjoyable group that met for our CinDay meeting last week. Seems CinDay people are kind of busy right now, some with family vacations, or work, others with speaking engagements. For instance, Tom was in NYC the last week of May, speaking about […]

May 2015

There were 6 of us for last week’s April CinDay meeting at United Theological Seminary in Indianapolis. We caught up on the storytelling people have been doing: Brice at the Alliance of Baptist annual convention, Tom getting ready to speak at the Missouri Synod Lutherans and Center & Library for […]

April 2015

The 4 of us who made it to this month’s meeting had a great time talking about what’s been going on in our local churches, what we’ve been telling during Lent, and what tellings we’ve got coming up. We’re still looking for places to perform ensemble tellings, either the Crossing […]

March 2015